Why Was Charity Gaming Created?

Jimmy Weller started the idea of Charity Gaming in 2011.  His father, George, passed away from lung cancer in 1994.  It was a crippling disease that left a strong man to wither away in a hospital bed. Working at healthcare facilities his entire life, Jimmy saw the struggles that extremely sick children faced.  Bed stricken, hooked up to IV fluids and constantly in pain is not way for a child to spend what may be their final days.  Jimmy made it Charity Gaming’s mission to give children a chance to feel like a child again and not a patient by providing them games, books and toys to bring a smile to their little faces.

With the help of his amazing friends, they host video game marathons online to raise money for these terminally ill children.  Please help us continue to make sure that these children are happy during this horrible time in their lives by donating to our cause.  Thank you.